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Bakerloo Good Service
Central Good Service
Circle Good Service
District Good Service
Hammersmith & City Good Service
Jubilee Good Service
Metropolitan Good Service
Northern Good Service
Piccadilly Good Service
Victoria Good Service
Waterloo & City Service Closed: Train service resumes at 06:15 hours.
Overground Good Service
DLR Good Service
Planning to get from A to B, easy as 1, 2, 3
1 At the top of the page select the departure mode of transport and specify the station/stop. e.g. Baker Street tube station.

Alternatively, you can specify a London Postcode, London Address or Place of Interest.
2 Select the destination station/stop. Use the mode of transport dropdown selection to help you find your destination station/stop. e.g. Clapham Junction train station.

Alternatively, you can specify a London Postcode, London Address or Place of Interest.
3 Click the GO button to start the search.
Display routes via different modes of transport by clicking on the route summary list.
For train journeys click the red train operator link for National Rail Enquiries live departure times.
Use the icon to switch the departure and destination station/stop.
Search the map to find locations and places. You can enter a London postcode to navigate the map to that part of London.
When zooming out, the map can become cluttered with bus, tube and train stops. Select which stops you want displayed.
If you wish to navigate to or from a station/stop on the map, click the station/stop, then click the 'Set as departure' or 'Set as destination' link.
You can obtain a url to a page, departure & destination station/stop using the links at the bottom of the page. Bookmark the page if required.
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